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About The AD (Airworthiness Directive) Toolbox

Reuben and April Zook The AD Toolbox is offered by Zook Aviation, a family owned and operated business. Our Founder, Reuben Zook, discovered his passion for aviation in the 1970's. To support his appetite for flying, he worked as line service and then served as parts room manager in the 1980’s. Reuben began working with computerized AD research in 1990, when there were very few alternatives to microfiche and paper. With experience on the ramp, parts room and in the cockpit, he finally found his niche in maintenance and compliance. Reuben has spent the past 25 years dedicating his work towards delivering an accurate and reliable regulatory library to IA's and Maintenance Technicians.

Our Mission

Reuben and April Zook To focus on providing our clients the proven economical benefits of:

  • More
  • Sooner
  • Easier
  • With Greater Clarity

Why Choose Us

As a small family business, we are dedicated to treating each and every customer with personal attention. When you call, you will be directly connected to a live person who truly cares about addressing your concerns.

This philosophy has helped our business grow rapidly as shown by the map animation representing our customer base in the lower 48 states.

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