Customer Comments

"This is easy, so easy, by far the best system I have ever seen. And I am a Mechanic, not a computer person! - MI User Friendly
"I've got a current disc subscription, and just tried the new online version. Phenomenal! I really like the built-in Invoicing too. When does my disc expire, and how do I get on to the Online now?" - VA User Friendly
"I like the serial number-specific feature. I particularly like the Nfo button. Saves me from having to use And the list of STCs on there is really nice. You'd be surprised to see how many airplanes have undocumented STCs on them. Sometimes we can track down the needed paperwork on them, sometimes not. But having an easy list to work from is nice." - MO User Friendly
I am amazed by the program. Leaps and bounds better than the competition and much better than previous versions. It is so fast to generate reports! I didn't realize how much time I was wasting before. - OK User Friendly
“You guys are unbelievable!! Great customer service and now a completely user friendly experience!” - CO User Friendly
"This is the ultimate AD research program." - ME User Friendly
"Thank you for creating such an amazing AD research platform. We made the switch recently, and what a refreshing change! I really like your program, thank you so much." - VA User Friendly
"I love your product, you have something good here!" - Maine User Friendly
"I’ve found the Toolbox app to be clean, intuitive, and efficient." - TX User Friendly
"Your AD tool box is the only way to make the IA agenda bearable." - CO User Friendly
“I like your videos on YouTube. It shows that you and your product is people friendly.“ - MO Support
"Your program is fantastic. Keep up the great work." - CO User Friendly
“Always up to date”, “Easy to use”, "It beats the heck of the FAA web site” - GA User Friendly
"The booklet is very helpful, step by step and very good." - CA Support
"It's as simple as can be." User Friendly
"I love your little product and I've used just about all of them." – FL User Friendly
“Your program is pretty simple, even for a guy like me.” – NC User Friendly
“Yours is really simple and straight forward, by far the easiest I have ever used.” – MO User Friendly
“Great Work !! “ – AZ User Friendly
“I really like all the forms you include.” – AK User Friendly
“I like your system.” – NC User Friendly
“Your program is easier to use than (other brand) and not nearly as frustrating as (other brand).” User Friendly
“I have used all the others and your product is so much easier and simpler.” – AR User Friendly
“I like your system ! Thanks !” – OH User Friendly
“Thanks again and excellent job to you on creating an easy to use, fun and affordable program !” – WA User Friendly
“Thanks for all your help and for keeping prices low.” – AK User Friendly
“It solved the search when all the other programs didn't.” – TX User Friendly
“It surprised me how much information is on there.” – AZ User Friendly
“Even if you had a frustrating day, just opening and looking at the toolbox screen makes you feel better.” - GA User Friendly
“Thanks for a great product.” - NM User Friendly
"Love your program." - NJ User Friendly
"You got a great product and I appreciate it so much." - AL User Friendly
"Thank for all your help on phone and the fine disks" - CA Support
"Great System" - KS User Friendly
"I'm just trying out your program. I really do like it and it offers some great features! I like that you can invoice from the same program!" - VA User Friendly
"This truly has been an amazing system for us!!" - MI User Friendly
“I like using your AD Toolbox Program as opposed to some of the others I have seen. It is much easier to maneuver around in.” – GA User Friendly
"Very happy with Subscription." - OH User Friendly
“I like how you include all the old CAR and CAM information.” – AZ User Friendly
“I am very happy with it, it is much more user friendly than ********. Very easy to use and get into.” – CA User Friendly
“******** really bogs a system down, yours loads pretty quick, it’s just BOOM and it’s there.” – WI User Friendly
“Thanks for putting together such a good product.” – IL User Friendly
“I love your program, it is the best one I’ve ever had, and I have tried them all.” – NJ User Friendly
“It is a lot faster than my other one was.” – OK User Friendly
"I’m a Mechanic, not a Computer Guy, and I find your system very easy to use." – TX User Friendly
“It’s a great program, all your material is straightforward, and professional looking. Your graphics are wonderful.” – CA User Friendly
“Thanks for all your help.” – ID Support
“I really appreciate you service, keep up the good work !” – AK Support
“I like your product so much I always recommend it to my friends. I have been an active IA since 1976 and have used most every other software brand in my past work, and yours is the most user friendly out there !” - CO User Friendly
“The program looks great, It is going to make life a lot easier.” – CO User Friendly
“It has great flexibility (which our previous program, did not have). I appreciate that. Thank you for a great program.” – IL User Friendly
“Thanks, You have a good product--easy to use." – NC User Friendly
“My husband absolutely loves it !” – AZ User Friendly
“I have used several different services, both Internet based and Discs, and by far, yours is the best product I have used regardless of cost.” – WI User Friendly
“It was actually so easy I thought I missed something.” - NC User Friendly
"I love it! It’s easy to update. Compared to the others, it feels better. I like how you can change what you want it to say." User Friendly
“ I like it, it is Simple, Fast, and Accurate.” – GA User Friendly
“I received it and love it. You have a great product." – WI User Friendly
“I like yours because it is easy to move around in.” – GA User Friendly
“Easy to use!! I am encouraging others to use Zook !" – MT User Friendly
"It's a good service, worked out very well for us." – IN User Friendly
“Your system is so simple compared to others I have used.” – MT User Friendly
"I'm happy with it, It's really simple to use." – PA User Friendly
“Good product and I’m glad to see your prices stay the same.” – SD User Friendly
“Your’s is the only one that gives you the value for the money.” – GA User Friendly
"I love your presentation, it's really fun to work with." - NC User Friendly
“Your service is heads and shoulders above the others I have used over the years.” – NC User Friendly
“I give you a “10” for the new arrangement of your indexes.” – NY User Friendly
“This is superior to the other two services I have used before.” – IN User Friendly
"I really enjoy your product and the great attitude - Thank You.” – NH User Friendly
“Thanks I appreciate it. You guys put out a great product !” – TX User Friendly
“5 stars for personalized customer service.” – AZ Support
“Love the ease of the program. Thanks so much.” – TX User Friendly
“I love your program and especially appreciate the personal support." – SC Support
“By the way, I love you guys.” – WA User Friendly
“Your stuff makes my life a lot easier.” – NM User Friendly
“Doing AD Reports on Appliances and Props is almost idiot proof." – FL User Friendly
“This is great, It helps me a Lot !!!” - OK User Friendly
“This is great, it helps me a lot and it’s great to have !! Thank you !! – OK User Friendly
“Most excellent, thanks. Thanks for the great service and product. I’m not sure how anyone would comply with all the FAA requirements without your service." - OR User Friendly
"It’s the best thing I’ve ever seen. It’s easy to use, and I love the graphics. You guys really did a good job." – GA User Friendly
“Your program is easy to read, easy to click through, easy to navigate, and all is in color.” – LA User Friendly
"Your program seems to good to be true." – IN User Friendly
"Compared to other software I have been using in the past, I find yours to be very user friendly, and a lot easier to navigate through." – IN User Friendly
"If it is true what they say about first impressions being lasting impressions, you can count on my business for a long time." – IN User Friendly
“I think you have one of the better programs out on the market, and definitely the best on the market for the price." - TX User Friendly
"It has made my life easier in a couple of ways, especially the way the TCDs and ADs are listed together." – WI User Friendly
“The program works great and I enjoy using it, unlike some others that are hard to navigate.” – FL User Friendly
"I Love it. Awesome Product !" - TX User Friendly
“I love it! I really do, there is just nothing complicated about this program.” - IN User Friendly
“I really like what your company is doing. If it was a public company, I’d invest in it.” – WA User Friendly
“I love the way this program works !” - MD User Friendly
“I really love your product. I always struggle with the other one, they are so hard to get to.” - NC User Friendly
“I’m tickled to death with it, the graphics are very helpful.” – NC User Friendly
“Yours works much better for me than my other service ever did.” – FL User Friendly
“This is absolutely the simplest program we have ever gotten our hands on.” – NC User Friendly
“This program is extremely user friendly.” – NC User Friendly
“When I worked at the FBO the other one was really getting complicated. Your program is really nice to get around in. You guys are doing a great job. ” User Friendly
“Yours is much easier to use than my “Other Provider” was." – NY User Friendly
“I was hesitant leaving “Other Provider”, but now that I have used your program I would recommend it to anyone." – NM User Friendly
"I like the way your AD documents are so easy to read." – OR User Friendly
“ I love it, yours is the best I’ve seen, especially for the price.” – PA User Friendly
“Its easy. It’s really self-explanatory. I’ve had no problems at all.” – OK User Friendly
“Your program is perfect, exactly what we need." - FL User Friendly
“It’s so easy, a kid could use it.” – OH User Friendly
"It does a super job. I have used several other ones over the years and yours is the best. And the price is good." - NC User Friendly
"I really like your product. In fact I'll be with you guys until I die." - MI User Friendly
"I would like to thank you for the wonderful service you provide and whenever the opportunity arises, I speak highly of the AD Tool Box." - GA User Friendly
"Are you kidding? You guys are the best! Had a long talk with ***** and they weren't happy with what I had to say. I told them how user friendly "Tool Box" is ("Here are your crayons and coloring book ...") I can work SBs, TCDs, ADs almost at the same time! Way more productive! I'm a small GA (mostly older Cessnas & Pipers) shop and ***** seems more for the big shops & they have a sales staff that reflects that." Notice that I never even mentioned "price point"? Thank you all so much for "being there" for us older, not quite so computer savvy, little guys! Hope to meet you both again @ the next RIC-FSDO IA Renewal - Take Care!" - VA User Friendly
“Thank you for your fast and personal service, that means a lot in this time we live in. “ – MI Support
“Wow. That’s really great service. I certainly wasn’t expecting you to go the extra mile and just appreciate all you’ve done. “ - AK Support
“U cannot improve something that is perfect – easy and well planned.” - LA User Friendly
"Love your Stuff !!" - SC User Friendly
"Nice Job! Good Customer Service! - FL Support
I have used your product, and I really like it. It is easy, clear, and filled with features. - UT User Friendly
"Thanks again for the great service !" - AK Support
"I sure enjoy your great service" - IA Support
"I appreciate your great service." - AZ Support
“You have certainly built a better mousetrap.” – IL User Friendly
"This is the best IA program we ever had !" – WA User Friendly
“ MY GOODNESS, I can't believe all the different angles you are willing to try when it comes to getting that Service Bulletin to me, I'm not used to service like that, thank you, thank you, thank you !” - CO Support
"The program looks very intuitive, and the customer support I received (on a Saturday) is terrific." – CA Support
“You got the best one out there. You definitely have (other provider) beat.”- GA User Friendly
“Yours is a lot more in-depth for Service Bulletins.” – AZ User Friendly
“You guys seem to be on top of things, and are always adding new things to the program.” – GA User Friendly
“I have been in this business for 35 years, and am impressed by how you guys respond and always keep improving your product.” – GA Support
“You guys are doing great, keep up the good work.” – AR User Friendly
“I really like all the forms you have that help me keep things organized.” – MD User Friendly
“I like the way it flows. ***’s is too embedded. It’s too hard to find the FARs for example.” – AR, 17 year user of *** User Friendly
“Your product is awesome and very user friendly.” – IN User Friendly
"I really like the way I can easily find any single AD." – IN User Friendly
“I really like your program, It saves me a lot of time.” – TX User Friendly
"Thanks again for such a user friendly tool to make the job easier." - IN User Friendly
“I can’t get over how much easier yours is to use.” - IN User Friendly
"You have an absolutely gorgeous product, and I always enjoy using it." – AZ User Friendly
“In this day and age, it is especially wonderful to always get a live person immediately when I call your company !” – OR Support
“Thanks again and keep up the good work. Still wouldn't switch to anything else.” – TX User Friendly
“It’s the best program for ADs I’ve ever seen.” – MI User Friendly
“Love your product, keep doing what you are doing.” – AR User Friendly
“Thank you, you produce a great product !” – AK User Friendly
“Thank you for your great work in creating this cost effective way for small shops like mine to maintain AD compliance.” – WI User Friendly
“I love it! It does exactly what I need it to do.” – AL User Friendly
“Thanks for staying up late to work my problem. Once again your customer support is outstanding.” – TX User Friendly
"Thank you for your excellent service. Keep up your good service." – PA User Friendly
" I really love this program, I am a salesman in the field for you." – MN User Friendly
“Please keep supporting small shops like ours. Your program is so user friendly, Thank you so much.” – TX User Friendly
“I certainly appreciate the support you provide for your service. Usually doesn’t exist in today’s environment ! Thanks again !” – VA User Friendly
“I want to compliment you on your service, I always tell other people about you.” – CA User Friendly
“Thanks, this is the exact service that I want and need.” - LA User Friendly
“I get to use (other provider) for free at another facility, but your product is so good that it will pay for itself several times over throughout the year by keeping me on the floor instead of in the office. Wonderful idea ! Thank you !" – MS User Friendly
" Please keep up your great work. I have shown your product to several fellow IAs. May God Bless and Keep You." – OR User Friendly
“I love companies that excel at customer service.” – CA Support
“I am pleased with your program, I really love it! And I am thrilled to always get a live person when I call instead of a machine, and you resolved my issue within two minutes. “ – FL Support
“I always appreciate your help when I have a problem. It's good to know you're just a phone call away.” – AZ Support
“Support is Great !! Thank You !” – MT Support
"Thank you for going the extra mile. It looks like you work hard to provide top notch customer service. We appreciate it." – WA Support
“I want to take just a moment to thank you, and your staff for the product you have put together and support in such a remarkable way.” – CO User Friendly
"Thanks for a great product and a great support team." – IN Support
"I love this program, It's so easy to use, and I'm not a "computer" person." – GA User Friendly
“I absolutely love this program.” – TX User Friendly
“Your program is more self-explanatory and has more features that let me do what I need to with the recurring ADs.” – GA User Friendly
"We have your program now… I really like it ! It is a whole lot better then the one we have been using !" – TX User Friendly
"I looked at this program for a few minutes and had it all figured out, as opposed to the other one which I've had for eight years, and still haven't been able to figure it out." – TX User Friendly
“Yours is much simpler than my other provider.” – NC User Friendly
“I like how your files are saved in .pdf, because this way I know they will never time out, and I will always be able to access them.” – WA User Friendly
“I am impressed with the thought that has gone into this project.” User Friendly
"You have Service Bulletins that my other provider didn’t have." – OR User Friendly
“Thanks, it’s always a pleasure to deal with your staff.” – AR Support
“I would like to tell you that I am very impressed with the prompt attention and personal responses that I receive from Zook Aviation.” – CA Support
"Happy happy happy, the most user friendly one out there, and the searches are more thorough than most." - TX User Friendly
"I have been doing this for 35 years. had various systems and yours is by far the best." - CA User Friendly
" I really being able to talk to a real live person when I call" - PA Support
"I really appreciate you guys always being there to answer the phone." - IL Support
"I give you an A+ on eliminating the non applicable ADs, for the engine and propeller searches." - AR User Friendly
“My existing service only lists “the majority” of the Appliance ADs.” User Friendly
“I love the Logbook Sticker Service Record Form." – GA User Friendly
“Your Toolbox Program is the best value I have seen so far. And, the personal support is a rare thing now days.” – IL Support
“You guys are the only ones I can get through to all the time, anytime I need help. I really like that !” – FL Support
“We like staying with you guys because you are always so helpful and nice to work with.” - ID Support
“I always appreciate the help you give me when I have a problem. It’s great to know I can always get help.” – AZ Support
“100% satisfied with your AD services !!” – NE User Friendly
“I think it is important how your service does not retype the Service Bulletins, but instead presents them exactly like the original.” GA User Friendly
"Your Appliance listing is much more comprehensive than others I have used." – NC User Friendly
“Using the Appliance AD Listing ... , I found an Appliance AD that my other supplier had missed.” – TX User Friendly